First Trilogy
All Manor of Yarns

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  I. Prussian Yarns

 II. A Stitch in Time

III. Tinctures & Tantrums

Second Trilogy
The Snow Queen and
The Caterpillar

IV. There is a Season
 V. Viennese Yarns
VI. Orchids

Third Trilogy
Taffeta Tales

 VII. British Yarns
VIII. Polish Yarns
  IX. Threads of Strife

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Lorraine Stanton
Vicki Wootton
Shalanna Collins

History, both through archaeology and through historical novels, has always been a fascination of mine.  I had originally planned to be an archaeological linguist, with visions of spending my entire working life in the musty basements of museums and universities deciphering and translating ancient writings.  Years of studying and reading about history filled me with the belief that our ancestors were exactly like us in every way except their circumstances.

What attracted me the most strongly was not wars, revolutions, or uprisings, but how people got through each day in situations we don't have to deal with today.  Most of the books I read dealt with social upheavals of one kind and another, not with ordinary every-day life.  Oftentimes the historical events took attention away from the characters.  In order to be able to read the stories that I found the most satisfying, I began to write them.

The All Manor of Yarns trilogy is set in 1860 because that was the only year I could find that had no wars, revolutions, or uprisings anywhere in Europe.

The setting was chosen because I could not find any novels set in Kaiserlich Prussia.  There were novels set in Victorian England, in Tsarist Russia, and in antebellum United States, all of which were contemporary with Kaiserlich Prussia, and all of which were slightly different from each other and from Prussia.  Kaiserlich Prussia is a little known and little explored setting, a new and different place to read about.

The place itself was chosen to be on the western side of the large bend in the Oder River because that topographical feature is so distinct that it shows up on even the smallest maps, and is a feature that has barely changed since the Ice melted.

I began to research the setting, the daily lives of the people of the time and place, and the political events taking place at the time, and began to write a historical novel.

Five years of research before I had enough information to put pen to paper on the story, then two years of writing, continuing the research as I went.  I started Prussian Yarns in 1984 as my family was growing up, working on the preparation until 1989, and finally finished writing it in 1991.  I then set it aside and worked on other writing until 1993 when I picked it back up and began to edit it.  The original version of Prussian Yarns was worked, edited, and polished with the help of my writing group, family and friends, then set aside again as I worked to edit and polish the other writing.

Finally, in 2001, I rewrote Prussian Yarns.  By that time all of my children were grown and gone, and I was living alone with my cats.  The rewrite was finished in 6 months, resulting in a story of a group of people dealing with age old questions of life.  What do you do if your dreams don't come true?  What do you do if they do?  How do you set your priorities?  How can you be everything to everyone, and if you can't, how do you chose what to let go?  What do you do when two things that both seem morally right cancel each other out, so that whichever one you do, you are doing something morally wrong?  What were the effects of the drugs of the day on the ordinary people of the day?  And so on.  Lots of questions.  Ordinary people dealing with the same problems we all have in our lives, but dealing with them in a fresh new setting that we rarely get to see.



First Book: Prussian Yarns

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